School of transformational Business

26.May -
 13. July 24

YWAM Hurlach

Come to YWAM Hurlach, Germany into an old merchant castle and learn more about business and how you can be part of bringing change to the nations and to the business world.

The School of transformational Business

This Seminar is an intensive seven week course where you will begin to learn: how to start and manage a godly, profitable missional business with the purpose of extending the Kingdom of God in society and to the unreached nations. SOTB is designed for those who have a passion to know God and make Him known by doing business for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

This school will offer teachings of experienced entrepreneurs who have participated in Business as Mission and professionals who have experience in business management. You will learn how to use business to reach people in different cultures.

SOTB belongs to the international ministry Business With a Mission – BWAM ( of Youth with a Mission that organizes, trains, and establishes networks to take the Gospel to the less reached towns through business.

This school is registered at the University of the Nations as a Seminar for its period of six weeks.

SOTB is also designed for entrepreneurs who need to apply biblical principles to their businesses.

SOTB  encourage Christian businessman to become more actively involved in the Great Commission.

To know God and make him known through Buisness - Business with a Mission



Foundations of BAM and BWAM (Values  
  and Best Practices) 

History of BAM 

Biblical Worldview of Business 

Integration of Business & Missions 

Hearing Gods voice in Business 

Canvas & Business Plan with a Kingdom 


Budgeting, Financial planning

Character & Leadership of a Business 

Business Presentation/ Elevator Pitch 

Eagles Nest 

                                                                                                                   and more 

Business plan

Do you have no business ideas? 

Ask God. If you have no idea when you arrive, we aspect that God is speaking to you in the first days so that you know either you should be a part of a business idea of another student or you find your own.